​​​​​Welcome to High Altitude Fitness and Guiding, Alberta Guiding. If your tired of crowds, packed parking lots, and busy hiking trails than send us an email info@highaltitude.ca, we'll take you out into the quieter spots in the mountains where you might see a few people or you won't see anyone. The majority of our recreational and fitness activities will be based in Kananaskis Country, south of Banff and Canmore. We do guiding for photography, guided hiking tours, snowshoeing tours, multi-day guided adventures, and mountain biking tours. We have trips that start at the Easy level, then  the  Intermediate ​level and up to the Advanced level. The mountainous terrain offers great scenery, wildlife viewing, and that once in a lifetime experience!

We also do​ Fitness plansfor Beginnersto ​Intermediate levels that are tailored to your individual needs whether it be training for an event or just wanting to improve your own health. We'll help you achieve the results you are looking for and with some hard work and dedication hopefully you'll exceed your own expectations. Training at high altitude gives you advantages to help you get exceptional results faster.  Keep in mind there are higher demands put on your mind and body than going to the gym and we will get you ready for these demands. These days can be long, depending on your individual program. Whatever your goals are, shoot us an email and we'll get you started on the right track. 

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NEWS​ - Alberta is spending 239 million dollars on our parks!!

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