Mountain Biking​ - Bring your children, 18 and under are FREE

​These days are really fun, we start  riding our bikes at the bottom of the valley where we can either ride cross country on easy trails or ride on trails that get you up higher on hills and ridges to get a better view. These trails are nice to coast your bike out on at the end of the day when your tired.

​Maybe you want a customized trip? let us know what you've thought up and we'll make it happen for you!​



Backpacking​ - Bring your children, 18 and under are FREE!!

Easy Multi-day Trips​ = These are easy trips on nice trails that are great for families with small children or for people looking for a nice relaxing trip in the mountains.

Intermediate Multi-day Trips​ = These are easier trips hiking on trails that will take you farther into the mountains where you will experience peace and tranquility. Sometimes on these trips you can pick up some elk, moose or deer horns.

Advanced Multi-day Trips​= These trips take you in far away from everyone else. We set up a base camp, then explore the mountains around us, looking for wildlife, mountains to climb and old trails to hike down. 


Snowshoeing​ - Bring your children, 18 and under are FREE!!

Easy snowshoeing= 2 to 4 hours of snowshoeing on easy trails that take you into places with awesome scenery.

Intermediate snowshoeing​ = 3 to 6 hours of snowshoeing on easy trails where we will get on some very accessible ridgelines and mountains so you can get some great views, like in the picture on the right>>.

Advanced Snowshoeing= 6 to 8+ hours of snowshoeing on steeper trails that will take you to a higher altitude for a better view. This is for the person looking for a little more of a challenge.


​Let us take you into Kananaskis Country where you will have breathtaking scenery and up close experiences with wildlife. Alberta's mountains are full of elk, moose, grizzly bears, black bears, wolves, whitetail deer, mule deer, bighorn sheep, caribou and other animals as well as lots of different species of birds. If your looking for specific animals or places such as waterfalls, small lakes, ponds and streams, then let us know and we'll take you to them.

Rates start at - $80 first person + $40 per additional person



Day Hikes​ - Bring your children, 18 and under are FREE!

Easy Hikes = 2 to 4 hours of hiking on easy trails where there is not a lot of elevation gain or loss.

Intermediate Hikes = 3 to 6 hours of hiking on easy trails where you will have some elevation gain and loss but not too much.

Advanced Hikes = 6 to 8+ hours of hiking on slightly difficult to more difficult trails, where you get to hike up to the top of mountains to get a breath taking view of the scenery around you.

Custom Hikes​ = Are you looking for more of a challenge? Tell us what you're looking for, what you want to see and do and we'll make it happen for you.